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Leathercraft Hand Sewing Tool Adjustable Leather Edge Creaser, with Wooden Handle, to Create Creases & Stitching Guides in Leatherwork

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You’re looking at a brand new Adjustable Edge Creaser. Able to crease as narrow as allowed by your leather and up to 1.5cm. Great for cosmetic purposes or for creating a stitching recess for leather.

This old favourite leathercraft tool is a staple among leathercraft is perfect for creasing the edges of your leather, completely adjustable, this rock solid tool is guaranteed not to be loose.

Simply screw the adjuster so that the blades are the correct width apart and, holding vertically, run along the edge of your leather with one bade creasing the leather and the other acting as a guide.

This tool is guaranteed to hold the blades at a constant width and to be free of play. Perfect for creasing the edges of the your leatherwork and freehand creasing for the steady handed.

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