Dual-Ended Leather Edge Dye and Paint Roller Pen Applicator Tool, for Dyeing and Painting Leatherwork

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Apply dyes and paints on the edges of your leather evenly with this affordable dual-ended roller pen. This tool has one end with grooves and knurled pattern roller, great for applying dyes and paints efficiently on leather edge while the other end is useful for spreading glue, burnishing gum, and finishing agents on the surface of your leather. A basic yet handy tool at a great price, suitable for creating professional-looking leather items.

When edge painting or dyeing using this roller pen, simply put the appropriate amount of edge finish to the nib and run it along the edges of the leather. The nib’s grooves and knurled pattern roller aid in spreading paint and dye evenly around the edges by allowing excess edge finish to fall into the crevices for a more consistent application. Wash the nibs with water as soon as possible after use since dyes, paints, and other finishing agents dry quickly.

Approximate dimensions & product data:

  • Length: 145mm
  • Material: Chrome plated alloy metal (Note: some pitting or imperfections in the chrome may be present)
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