Glue SAR 446E, 1kg

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 Polychloroprene thermo adhesive – SAR 446E, 1kg

SAR 446E is a contact polychloroprene glue based on special types of chloroprene rubbers modified with synthetic resins and other additives, thanks to which the joint has excellent adhesion and high thermal resistance. The SAR 446 E adhesive is primarily intended for the footwear industry for joining natural and some synthetic leathers from tuni-leather rubber, styrogum, and composition leather. SAR 446 E can also be used in the furniture, automotive and construction industries – for gluing wood, plastics, plywood, rubber, cork, hard PVC, metal. Color reddish-yellow.

APPLICATION Prepare the surfaces to be glued carefully

apply one or two coats of adhesive depending on the absorption

leave to dry for 5 – 15’ depending on the ambient conditions

bring the parts together and press

the product is sensitive to pressure

at the end of the product’s “open time”, reactivate it by heating the surfaces

to 50 – 60°

Manufacturer: Kenda Farben, Italy.

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