Craft Sha 100ml Leathercraft Pure Neatsfoot Vegetable Oil Leatherworking Balm, with Dipper Nozzle, to Treat & Preserve Leather

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You’re looking at a 100ml (3.4 fluid ounce) bottle of high quality, 100% pure Neatsfoot Oil. The original and best way to treat and preserve your leather.

Simply add a few drops of Neatsfoot oil to a soft, lint-free cloth and work into the surface of your leather, repeat as needed to nourish your leather and restore its flexibility, vibrancy and softness. Neatsfoot Oil will also protect your leather and prevent it from becoming brittle, thereby improving its longevity.

Don’t risk your leather with blended compound formulas that can damage your leather, you know you deserve the very best.

A deep penetrating balm, neatsfoot oil will penetrate the grain of the leather into the corium, thereby softening it. Suitable for all types of top-grain leather. Not suitable for suede or similar leather types.

Please note that the application of this balm to your leather, like all balms, may permanently darken it, especially if your leather is a lighter coloured leather.

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