Cleanser for all types of leather “Pholiurad estratto” – 100ml

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Gentle leather cleaner concentrated. Must be deluded 1 part concentrated formula for / 15 part water (preferably distilled water). One bottle will give 1,5 litres of leather cleaner.

All-purpose leather cleaner. Gentle enough to be used regularly on leather, suede or Nubuck. Use Aquila to clean leather furniture, car seats and more. Use regularly, especially on light colors and delicate leather to prevent permanent staining due to an accumulation of body oils.

  • Leaves no greasy or slippery residue
  • Gentle enough to be used for Exotic leather
  • Gentle enough to be used regularly
  • Use for car interior, leather furniture, saddles and more…


Will prevent accumulation of body oils and dirt on headrests and armrests.
Contains no silicon or glycerin (dust magnets!). So simple. Spray and wipe!

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