French Flat Pricking Iron Leathercraft Stitching Lacing Chisel 3Pcs/set, 3,85mm

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Set of flat French style hole punches. This set of 2, 5, and 10 prongs is appropriate for a variety of leathercraft tasks, including punching holes for stitching, and embellishing leather with decorative holes.

To protect the cutting edge and prevent damage on your work surface, always use a soft-headed hammer and set a cutting pad underneath the leather before punching. Never shake or twist the tool free to prevent snapping the edges; instead, gently pull vertically after punching. Depending on your requirements, this reasonably priced set of hole punches can create multiple holes at once, saving you time and effort while making leather goods

Distance between prongs: 3,85mm

This set includes:

2 prong round punch
5 prong round punch
10 prong round punch

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