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With high thermal resistance and fast adhesion. Perfect for gluing natural leather, plastic, TR, PVC and PU soles. Ideally suited for gluing leather and artificial car leather with plastics from which the interior of the car is made (planks, pit). Capacity 1kg

APPLICATION Apply the adhesive onto duly prepared surfaces

let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes at room temperature

then reactivate at 70 – 80°C

and immediately couple and press at 4 – 6 Kg./cm2 for 10 seconds

after 24 hours you’ll get the final adhesion

an addition of 3 – 5% of hardener DESMODUR RC improves the adhesion to

all materials, especially recommended for difficult supports such as SBR –

TPR – PVC – PU – PA – ABS rubbers, greased leathers, HYTREL, etc.

after having added the DESMODUR RC we recommend to reactivate – within

approx. an hour from its application – the adhesive blend applied onto the

involved support

blend shelf-life (adhesive plus hardener DESMODUR RC 33105): over 4


Manufacturer: Kenda Farben, Italy

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