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Delicate Leather Softener Conditioner “Tenderly”, Clear, 150ml

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A neutral color softener that protects. Gives leather a soft touch. It achieves the best results on leather furniture, car upholstery, and leather clothing, i.e. motorcycle leather, jackets, coats, bags, gloves, footwear.

Perfectly nourishes, softens, makes all types of grain leather (except nubuck and suede) more elastic, preventing cracks.

Specially composed nutrients make the leather more elastic, thanks to which it stops the quick abrasion of the leather surface and makes the leather not break so quickly (especially recommended for leather seats).

Made by the same people that manufacture Leather Mate and Urad brand leather cleaner and conditioners.

Tenderly prides itself on being the absolute best and most useful leather cleaning and conditioning product on the market. Made in Italy and used worldwide by leather loving people.

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